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Remember those life lessons that you learned from your mother or your grandmother? What about the elders of the neighborhood whom you looked up to? They always knew the right things to say, and they always knew exactly what you needed to do in any situation. Even the fellas on the block had valuable words of wisdom to offer. This book is about spreading the Rahshib-isms that were derived by applying those invaluable and unconventional lessons learned to his professional life.


“Bout That Life” empowers the reader through sharing a story of:

  • 3 laws and 11 lessons that will challenge the reader to become a resilient success in the work place.

It shares traditional lessons told with a spicy and swag filled spin about how you can utilize your unique stories to execute victorious strategies throughout all facets of your career.  Stories on:

  • Networking: Make Love to The Crowd

  • Personal Branding:  Give Them What They Want
  • Self-Awareness & Purpose: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide.  

This book of lessons will teach you to sing a song…a spiritual hymn that will always allow you to ‘get over’ when the going gets rough! “Bout That Life” will speak to your soul with affirmations that you can acquire happiness right where you are. It will teach you how you can use what you already know to become a better you!