Leadership development

RTC meets every learner where they are and supports them in where they want to go; RTC also organizes exercises that cultivate ‘team’ based on your organization's goals. Leadership development is ongoing as the learner evolves in their career. RTC coordinates activities ranging from active learning workshops to executive retreats to ensure clients are continually developing their leadership ability.

Strategic Planning

Periodic strategic planning is vital to an organization's sustainability and growth. From overseeing the stakeholder feedback process to facilitating the planning retreat, RTC offers a variety of planning services to meet the clients’ needs. RTC works with clients to develop critical areas of engagement, organizational assessment and establish solid goals for success.


We occur in relationship to one another and a coach can support you in actualizing your goals.  Success is not separate from who we are and RTC’s Coaching program is goal and results focused.  You get to design your life through supporting and challenging conversations.

* Service fees range from $100 to $10,000


Love, Gratitude, Choice, Trust, Authenticity and Responsibility